A Modern yet Traditional Thanksgiving with John Mcilwee and Bill Damaschke

Thanksgiving with John and Bill by Alice Gao

John McIlwee & Bill Damaschke – Business Manager & Production Company owner – Hollywood Hills, LA

John & Bill’s Thanksgiving is tied around turkey, family & tradition. Stuffing and gravy are essential to what John describes as a 110% traditional meal, “it’s everybody’s favorite holiday for a reason”. This affinity for the classics is reflected in their passion for the arts and design.  The couple have lovingly restored back to its former glory John Lautner’s Garcia House – a mid-century masterpiece in the Hollywood Hills.

For the family dinner, the table is set in a modern palette of cool grey and sand tones with succulents from the garden.  The following day there’s always a Potluck dinner with a larger group of friends who couldn’t make it home to their respective families. This is where new traditions begin as guests introduce dishes to the family – some so popular that the family forget they weren’t their recipes in the first place.

Cheese Platter


Slice Tray


Water Jug


“We always do traditional dinner, then a potluck the next day for all our friends that don’t have family or couldn’t be with them. Our friend Darren brough a crazy corn & green bean casserole. My family loved it so much it’s become one of our own traditions, so much so we forget it wasn’t started by our family!”

John and Bill Thanksgiving
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